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* You will be allocated a dedicated Account Manager if you sign up MyRepublic business broadband directly via *



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Call us at 6543 6978 (Mon -Sat 10am – 8pm) for a discussion with our Business Sales Account Director

Or email to us at for more information.



How long are your contracts?

Our standard business fibre broadband contract is 24 months contract.


Do I get any service guarantee?

Our SLA (Service Level Agreement) formally defines our service promise. With MyRepublic Business, you are guaranteed up to 99.95% uptime depending on your plan.


What equipment do you provide?

We provide a free router, e.g. the MyRepublic Wifi Hub router or Ubiquiti EdgeMax router.


What is the usual Lead time for the installation to be complete?

If your building management approved, and NetLinkTrust appointment goes smoothly, it will usually take about 21 working days for everything to be installed.


What happens after I submitted the application form?

A Free site survey will be arranged once the order is confirmed and approved. This is to check if there is any additional cost for the infrastructure layout of the cable. If there is, the customer can choose to cancel the order if do not want to pay the additional charges.




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Today, MyRepublic provides ultra-fast internet service to over 50,000 homes and businesses in Singapore. 

Our numbers speak for themselves.


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Call us at 6543 6978 (Mon -Sat 10am – 8pm) for a discussion with our Business Sales Account Director 

Or email to us at for more information